Solingen, October 2023

JDC overhauls its sea and air freight transports

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Daily departures of consolidated cargo from Central and Southern Germany

We are committed to providing our customers with top-class services along the entire supply chain at all times, which is why we have restructured our sea and air freight services. The customers of our company group can now access our extensive spectrum of services in this area under the umbrella brand JDC Air & Sea Freight of our subsidiary, the company J. Dahmen GmbH & Co. KG (JDC). With this development, we have responded to the increasing demands placed on global sea and air freight transport services.

Regionally networked: cooperation with local companies

One of the focuses of our air and sea freight services is placed on our daily departures of less than container loads (LCL) from Central and Southern Germany to European seaports. From here, we not only cover the classic routes through Asia but also transport goods to niche countries. As a medium-sized company, we place special value on putting our trust in our extensive and reliable network of local companies instead of working with local branches of major logistics corporations. Our partners need to fit with our service pledge and our mentality. The needs and requirements of our customers are always our top priority, regardless of how many containers or kilograms they need us to ship or transport. Each customer deserves the same high level of commitment, which is why we fully rely on local companies in our overseas destinations.


Director Air & Sea Freight Michael Hutmacher
Director Air & Sea Freight Michael Hutmacher

At our site in Solingen, our Director of Air and Sea Freight, Michael Hutmacher, now works from a central location with his team. Hutmacher is an experienced specialist with 35 years of professional experience in transport logistics, focusing on international transport, air and sea freight and project logistics. Over the course of his professional development, Hutmacher has acquired comprehensive expertise in operational activities, sales and distribution both in Germany and on an international level.

By consolidating our skills and expertise in one location, we have created significant added value for our customers and can now offer them a complete individual solution to meet their specific transport needs and requirements.