1900 forwarding company J. Dahmen & Co. (JDC) was founded on April 1st, 1900 by Mr. Josef Phillipp Dahmen in Solingen
1908 admission as "official partner of German Federal Railway". As one of the first forwarders at all, we created regular traffic lines to the NorthSeaports in Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands
parcelservice and airfreight-service are in development. J. Dahmen & Co. keeps an hourly service to the airport of Duesseldorf, and hold 25% of the entire airfreight tonnage at that time in Duesseldorf
1937 the 2nd worldwar interrupts the successful trend of the business. With enormous work, the company restarts from the beginning. Next to the founder Josef Dahmen, 4 of his sons, Karl, Hans, Paul und Franz supported him with rebuilding the company
Karl Dahmen invented the first foldable and reusable container out of steel - "Collico"
1949 J. Dahmen & Co. became authorized IATA-Agent
1950 the Plowhorses of the horsecarts hardly had enough forage, every couple of weeks, they have to be send on a farm to coddle up. Trucks are being purchased by paying the price of the truck with the freight invoices of the selling customer. Fuel is alloted and sometimes bought on the black market, because there is no other chance to arrive Hamburg. Within the first years after the war, the trucks are driven by wood stoves
a new warehouse accrued of an old horse stable
a new office building and further warehouses are built
new warehouses under construction
1993 a further transfer station starts up
2000 IGLU-Air Cargo GmbH starts up with J. Dahmen & Co. as founder member
2004 our range of service offered gets extended with our optional services PSD and PSD Sky (ParcelService Dahmen)
2007 the Federal office of Civil Aeronautics gave the final concession for being a regulated agent
2010 another warehouse for additional storage space and special handlings of cargo has been started up
German Forwarder's General Terms and Conditions of Trading (ADSp), Waybill, Goodsclasses