Air freightAn IATA agent since 1949

JDC Air organises the transportation of goods by air, from individual boxes to full loads

and from or to destinations such as China, Vietnam, Australia, India, the USA, Brazil or Africa. We are also happy to transport your goods to their departure airport for you.

Global air freight transports

With many years of experience as an air freight forwarding company, JDC-Logistik offers a broad spectrum of flexible air freight solutions. Transporting cargo as air freight is the ideal solution for time-critical goods such as medicines, electronics, optics or machines. Our logistics experts at JDC-Logistik specialise in transporting time-critical freight.

In addition to the handling and transportation of your goods, we also offer a number of lucrative air freight services, as well as an extensive international network of partners around the globe. Contact us to determine the best air freight option and route for your cargo. Ready to find your perfect solution?

Air freight lying next to an aircraft
JDC – global air freight transports

Air freight – global exports and imports

Air freight is brought to the aircraft
JDC – global exports and imports

Air freight is the ideal solution to meet your specific requirements, especially if you want to rapidly transport goods across nations and even continents. We offer top-class solutions for global imports and exports. Your personal contacts at JDC-Logistik are happy to help you every step along the way, from collection right through to delivery. When handling your enquiry, we are confident in identifying and implementing the right technically feasible solution for you, be it a parcel or a fully chartered aircraft. Day after day, we look forward to tackling new challenges and finding the perfect transport route for your order. With JDC-Logistik, you can put your trust in a reliable partner offering you comprehensive air freight services from a single source.

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We are happy to handle your entire transport chain – from collection from your producer/supplier to transportation as air freight, customs clearance, interim storage, added-value services and picking and right through to the delivery of your customer orders in destinations throughout Europe.

As a regulated agent and IATA agent since 1949, we forward air cargo with both IATA and non-IATA airlines. We transport air freight to the German airports in Düsseldorf, Cologne/Bonn and Frankfurt am Main on a daily basis. What’s more, we also offer a door-to-door service and produce any documents required for the safe shipping of your goods by air.

Do you have any questions regarding our air freight services? Feel free to contact us, we’re happy to help.

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